It all started around 1911 when H.B. (Bert) Williams opened his bakery in the Church Hill section of Richmond.
With the theme “Quality Sells”, his was soon the largest bakery in Richmond. In fact, his reputation was so good, when he sold his bakery in 1944, it continued to carry his name for over three decades.

In 1963, H.B.’s son, William (Bill), opened his own bakery while the former Williams Bakery was operating on Governor’s Street. To avoid confusion, the new bakery was named W.H. Williams Bakery of Mechanicsville. The name was changed back to Williams Bakery in 1978, when the Davis Bakery bought the old Williams Bakery and renamed it. Bill’s son Ron became the new owner in 1990 and continues to manage the bakery today.

Ron believes in making everything from scratch, so all Williams Bakery products are started with raw ingredients.
The formulas for each delicious item have been passed down through the Williams family since the original bakery on Church Hill. Nothing says “quality” like the test of time.

We never use preservatives in anything we make, so the hardest decision that has to be made every day is how much product to produce. Variables like the weather, holidays, what sold last week, etc., all have to be considered. Come by any one of our three locations and see for yourself why we’ve been one of the area’s favorite bakeries for almost a century.

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